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Employee Safety with TrustID

TrustID's Biometric Application ensure employee safety at all times, especially for employees on the move or while travelling on work with its unique Live Geo-location mapping. The smart application with enhanced features ensure that your employees are safe at all times and also act proactively in events of crisis. The built-in masked calling feature ensure user privacy. TrustID empowers your employees to seek help from the organization in emergency situations.

With TrustID, your Employees are Biometrically tagged with Geo Location Mapping to ensure their whereabouts at all times.

As an organization, empower your employees for their own safety!

BAM on-the-go

TrustID’s Biometric Attendance Management On-The-Go application is a unique tool to effectively manage attendance tracking movement across multiple pit-stops through different work-shifts for on-the move employees. It is an effective attendance tracker for office cab drivers, sales & service associates and research executives.

Organizations tremendously benefit from this mobile-based application since it is automated and easily accessible. All you need is an internet connection to get started. It significantly eliminates paper usage and therefore risks of errors while tracking attendance on paper. Records are safely and confidentially preserved for future reference.

Biometric Attendance Management

TrustID’s BAM application simplifies attendance tracking at work places for employees stationed within the office as well as employees on the move such as sales / servicing staff, housekeeping staff and drivers. It’s an effective tool to manage and track attendance at the time of office entry and exit or through the day at multiple points, at each service location.

Organizations tremendously benefit from this application since it is automated and easily accessible. All you need is an internet connection to get started. Records are safely and confidentially preserved for future reference. Needless to say, that the application, is high on accuracy and hugely reduces time taken to manage staff attendance promising greatest assurance levels.

TrustID BAM - Application areas

TrustID Biometric Attendance Management (BAM) is the most reliable, cost effective and new age platform to manage several issues surrounding staff attendance tracking. The unique cloud based BAM application help you effectively handle cases of Proxy Attendance, Staff movement across multiple locations like factories, Staff allocation across multiple work shifts, Restricted or Blacklisted employees being sneaked from one location to another by contractors and Daily wage/contractual workers hired impromptu for immediate deployment.

The state of the art biometric technology enabled TrustID BAM, is your solution to daily attendance management issues that cannot be addressed with paper registers or excel sheets.

TrustID - Comprehensive Assurance platform

TrustID provides comprehensive verification services on a single platform including ID based Verification, Criminal Background Verification based on eCourt Records, Social Media Profiling based on Email ID search, Negative News Scans on a name based search and many more useful verification services, which can be easily customized according to size & need of organizations.

The TrustID application simplifies all verification requirements of your company in a time saving & cost effective manner. TrustID services are useful in several industries such as HR Recruitments / Staffing, Insurance, Banking and several others which need to verify employees, customers, vendors and others.

eCourt record scans

TrustID eCourt Records scan is a unique and effective method of electronically linking into over 100 million eCourt records PAN India. This works across district level, high courts and Supreme Court to allow an intelligent search mechanism built by TrustID to instantly scan any and all court cases registered by/against an individual in any court across India, using their name and address. The eCourt Records Scan helps to assess the criminal profile of your candidates/employees, customers, vendors and everyone you are dealing with. The platform provides a criminal insight into a person’s history in addition to other services. Since it helps to instantly scan criminal/civil cases registered by or against a person in any court across India, it also helps to analyze a person’s background with respect to financial crimes such as frauds and embezzlements.

It is an effective verification solution for organizations to conduct pre and post -employment checks. TrustID eCourt Records Scan effectively replaces the traditional police verification mechanism since the latter can only capture criminal records in its particular jurisdiction; hence, there is no proof to establish criminal activities committed by a person in the past in other parts of the country.

Social Media Profiling

TrustID enables a review of public profile across multiple social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, Word press, etc. of any individual based on an intelligent search based on personal email id. A specialized feature within this service of TrustID also allows secure login to specific social media accounts including Facebook & LinkedIn, to generate a profile summary on those specific social media channels.

Through this service, one can understand a person’s behavior across all major sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Github, etc. This feature is particularly helpful for pre-employment verification, regular post-employment monitoring and decisions around matrimonial alliances.

Income & Salary Assessment

TrustID offers comprehensive assurance solutions to tackle important HR business issues. One of TrustID’s exclusive services is Income & Salary Assessment via secure login to ITR platform to generate previous year’s ITR/TDS records. This is completely candidate consent based mechanism and helps the potential employer or lender to verify income data as provided by your candidate, customer, vendor or borrower.

It is particularly useful where decisions depend upon income data verification and salary negotiation during recruitment drives, insurance premium by customer and profit margin calculation with potential and existing vendors and rate of interest for a loan with borrower.

Negative news scan

TrustID allows you to instantly scan through India’s leading mainstream daily newspapers to identify any negative news coverage in the recent past about an individual or an organization. This feature comes in handy while assessing a candidate during an interview or during pre/post-employment verification stages.

The service can also be used by people getting into new business partnerships, tenant-landlord association and other high value lending/borrowing transactions. It is an effective tool for reputation management.

Previous employer verification

TrustID is a creatively disruptive technology platform using state-of-the-art technology, including Biometrics, for greater efficiency and improved risk management in HR process.

The effective and comprehensive mobile application offers a scan of EPF Database through a search query based on company name and candidate name. This confirms if the candidate name features on the list of employees for which the said company has been contributing PF. TrustID can also enable secure login to EPF portal to confirm details of last PF contributing employer. This feature is particularly useful for previous employer verification.

TrustID - A comprehensive and Instant Assurance platform

Integrating the benefits of biometrics, TrustID’s robust mobile application provides comprehensive and unique authentication benefits. The instant assurance app provides detailed verification services that provide a criminal insight into a person’s history in addition to tracking his social media profile and financial history. Since trust equations vary across different regions and different industries, a comprehensive yet effective tool such as TrustID is designed to simplify background verification process and empower hiring managers to effectively prevent negligent hiring.


TrustID – An Overview

TrustID is a unique and creative technology platform for providing greater assurance and improved risk management in corporate processes. Its comprehensive assurance applications effectively prevent negligent hiring by monitoring and tracking social media behavior patterns, checks criminal history, assess income background and previous employer details, and also tracks any negative information published against him in the past.