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TrustID Interview Application

The TrustID Interview Application is a unique mobile based platform that is based on Aadhaar Biometric Authentication and Fingerprint scanning for verification to strengthen the recruitment process. It effectively prevents candidate impersonation and identity frauds during job interviews, as well as helps you track the different interview rounds. The Biometric driven technological platform provides a unique benefit of authenticating identities of candidates through a handy and convenient mobile based application, instantly.

The mobile application works on a dual premise – Registering a new candidate and Searching existing profiles already created. The user friendly app allows the recruiter to register as many job applicants shortlisted by them. The relatively simple registration process begins by feeding data fields such as candidate’s Name, Phone Number, Gender and Date of Birth along with his photo in the “Add Candidate” tab. It is followed by biometric authentication that requires candidate’s Aadhaar details as the first level of authentication. The TrustID app understands the sensitivity that surrounds Aadhaar details and therefore ensures that user consent is sought as well as a thorough declaration is made by employer, before Aadhaar Biometric Authentication process begins. The second level of authentication requires the candidate to register Thumbprint against a unique ID generated by the application. On successful completion of the process, the candidate is registered and a candidate profile is created in the application.

Henceforth, for all Interview Rounds, the candidate profile is verified at multiple levels including Thumbprint Biometrics and Photo matching, thereby ensuring that no impersonation or identity fraud happens, whatsoever. The candidate details can be searched through his name and contact number. The subsequent output data is further verified by using his fingerprint. Thus, the generated outcome provides candidate photo, which also needs to be verified by the interviewer and thereby interview history can be viewed. This authentication process aims at establishing security and limit impersonation or identity fraud possibilities. The subsequent step of “Add Interview Round” is a simple yet crucial step that must be updated by the interviewer along with their comments/remarks for subsequent rounds of interview or future references.

The biometric driven technology therefore is a fool proof method to eliminate events of candidate impersonation and other types of identity frauds during recruitment process. The application is highly accurate and eco-friendly since it significantly reduces paper usage building yet another reason for hiring managers to consider the service.

Thus, the unique biometric driven technology platform strengthens the recruitment process and simplifies hiring challenges of recruiting managers.