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Social Media Profiling/Previous Employment verification

TrustID is a creatively disruptive technology platform using state-of-the-art technology, including biometrics, for greater efficiency and improved risk management in HR processes.

TrustID enables a review of public profile across multiple social media channels like facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, Wordpress, etc; of any individual based on an intelligent search based on personal email id. A specialized feature within this service of TrustID also allows secure login to specific social media accounts including Facebook & LinkedIn, to generate a profile summary on those specific social media channels.

This service of TrustID Platform scans an individual’s public data across profiles on various social media channels linked with a single email id. This data is then intelligently processed and presented in a professional report format for profiling purpose and easier decision making based on social media presence.

Through this service, one can understand a person’s behavior across all major sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Github, etc. This feature is particularly helpful for pre-employment verification, regular post-employment monitoring and decisions around matrimonial alliances.

A little deeper analysis of this data can also help to understand a person’s history, educational qualifications, employment history and other behavior patterns like smoking & alcohol consumption habits. This might prove to be useful for verifying data provided for critical service requirements like issuing insurance policies. Intentional misrepresentation of age, location and other behavioral patterns as declared by job candidates, customers etc can be verified against data presented & posted on social media. Certain services like those provided by Insurance sector consider activities such as smoking, drinking, bungee jumping and other social habits and adventure sports as risky and life threatening. Therefore, customer’s interest in such activities can be tracked through their social media profile using TrustID Platform.