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Tenant Verification

Since the primary aim of the landlord is to protect the property he has invested in, therefore, they perform a background verification of a prospective tenant. Under this service, TrustID offers the following services

Instant Verification Service

Identity/Document check – TrustID offers instant ID verification that is based on Aadhaar ID. TrustID is a brand owned by Swabhimaanya, which is a registered Authentication User Agency with UIDAI.

Social Media Profiling – TrustID also lets you evaluate the social media profile of an individual based on the email id provided by that person. A quick instant search on the email ID will give you a consolidated summarized report across multiple social media channels like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Github etc.

Digital Court Records Scan – TrustID is electronically linked into the Government’s e-court records database that allows us to scan any and all court cases registered by/against a person in any court across India, using their name and address.

Negative Media Coverage Scan – TrustID can also allow you to instantly scan through leading news media channels to identify any negative news coverage in the recent past to identify if the potential candidate features in any negative or positive news items via the name of the employee.

Physical (Non-instant) Verification Service

Reference Check – Under this service, reference verification via email, telephone or physical verification of the premises is conducted.