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Property Owner/Seller Verification

TrustID also allows you to verify the background of a prospective landlord before finalizing a property by offering the following services:

Instant Verification Service

Identity/Document check – TrustID offers instant ID verification that is based on Aadhaar ID. TrustID is a brand owned by Swabhimaanya, which is a registered Authentication User Agency with UIDAI.

Social Media Profiling – TrustID also lets you evaluate the social media profile of an individual based on the email id provided by that person. A quick instant search on the email ID will give you a consolidated summarized report across multiple social media channels like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Github etc.

Digital Court Records Scan – TrustID is electronically linked into the Government’s e-court records database that allows us to scan any and all court cases registered by/against a person in any court across India, using their name and address.

Physical (Non-instant) Verification Service

Reference Check – Under this service, reference verification via email, telephone or physical verification of the premises is conducted.