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TrustID - Your solution to all issues emerging from Identity Fraud

The TrustID assurance application is a unique employee background verification platform that offers effective and comprehensive solutions to prevent potential hiring risks such as Identity frauds and impersonations.

TrustID - Simplifying Vendor Onboarding for Industries

The TrustID mobile application plays a significant role in Vendor-On boarding process for multiple industries, by instantly verifying identities through biometric fingerprint authentication.

TrustID Interview Application

TrustID helps to address the issues of Identity Frauds and Candidate Impersonation during recruitment process by it's unique Biometrics based Application - TrustID Interview Application.

TrustID - New Age Employee BGV

Instant eCourt records scan on PAN India basis helps to eliminate risk of a bad hire.

TrustID - Comprehensive Employee BGV

To avoid misrepresentation of facts, employers need to validate candidate's ID, criminal background, income & previous employer background and social media behavior.

Bad Hire

Statistics reveal that about 11% of bad hires happen due to inadequate and poor quality reference checks done by BGV agencies.