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eCourt Record Scans

TrustID is a creatively disruptive technology platform using state-of-the-art technology, including biometrics, for greater efficiency and improved risk management in HR processes.

TrustID eCourt Records scan is a unique and effective method of electronically linking into over 100 million eCourt records PAN India. This works across district level, high courts and Supreme Court to allow an intelligent search mechanism built by TrustID to instantly scan any and all court cases registered by/against an individual in any court across India, using their name and address. The eCourt Records Scan helps to assess the criminal profile of your candidates/employees, customers, vendors and everyone you are dealing with. The platform provides a criminal insight into a person’s history in addition to other services. Since it helps to instantly scan criminal/civil cases registered by or against a person in any court across India, it also helps to analyze a person’s background with respect to financial crimes such as frauds and embezzlements.

It is an effective verification solution for organizations to conduct pre and post -employment checks. TrustID eCourt Records Scan effectively replaces the traditional police verification mechanism since the latter can only capture criminal records in its particular jurisdiction; hence, there is no proof to establish criminal activities committed by a person in the past in other parts of the country.

This service of TrustID Platform significantly aims at eliminating risks of dealing with an individual with criminal background ad maligned legal history, during recruitments, customer acquisition, vendor on-boarding and lending/borrowing process.