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Re-verifying Existing Employees

The prevalent norm in Indian corporate houses is to conduct a reference check from previous employer based on the information provided by the prospective employee. The process is usually carried out by the HR managers. Some of the commonly conducted checks include authentication of residential information, educational qualification and criminal records. While larger organizations outsource background verification process to third party agencies, mid-sized organizations run basic background checks at the organizational level.

In the new age of business, organizations ensure that every employee stays compliant to their organizational background verification policy during their employment tenancy with the organization. Employers emphasize on pre-employment background screening during hiring and on-boarding stage to prevent the potential risks of fraud educational certificates, fudged pay-slips and tampered documents. The risks increase exponentially when on-boarding employees have a maligned criminal history. Trends suggest that nearly 18% employee screening outcomes are discrepant. In India, candidates are usually screened pre-hire, pre-offer, pre-joining, post-offer and post joining. Industry experts recommend outsourcing the background verification process to a third party as a safer choice of ensuring that the workforce you hire is compliant, trust worthy and does not carry a slandered criminal history.

Once verified, employees on-board are typically relieved from a repeat verification check. However, there is a significant risk in not re-verifying an employee since social and political affiliations constantly changes. As an assurance partner, TrustID reiterates on the importance of re-verifying existing employees at periodic intervals. While fundamental details such as educational qualification and previous employment references necessarily remain unchanged, thus, these details will not require re-verification. On the other hand, address changes are frequent and needs to be verified regularly. The most important element of background check i.e.; criminal records, requires obligatory re-verification. Political leanings and civil affiliations are known to be extrinsic factors that are highly prone to change. Therefore, criminal records must be re-verified at periodic intervals for all employees on-board.

TrustID assurance application aims at partnering with you to offer effective and comprehensive solutions to prevent potential risks such as Identity frauds and impersonations for new recruits and employees on-board. The easy-to-use application simplifies the background verification process for new and existing employees. Given the probable risks, it is important that organizations revisit their background verification policy and equally emphasize on record re-verification.


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