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BAM In-Cab

TrustID’s BAM In-Cab application is a unique tool to effectively manage attendance tracking movement across multiple pit-stops through different work-shifts for on-the move employees. It is an effective attendance tracker for office cab drivers, sales associates and research executives. Since their profile requires them to cover different areas, the BAM In-Cab is a useful solution to track their movement during business hours.

The application initially requires all employees to be enrolled through an Aadhaar based or simple biometric thumb print registration. Basic details such as Name, Contact number etc. must be entered while registration along with an employee photo to create an employee profile. On successful profile creation, employees can mark their attendance each time it is required through thumb biometrics. This attendance marking goes with date/time stamping as well as geo-location mapping.

It is an effective tracking mechanism for office cab-drivers, who need to mandatorily authenticate through thumb biometrics at every pick and drop location on BAM On-The-Go application throughout their designated route. It will completely prevent impersonation since each biometric device is mapped with a verified mobile number. Thus, drivers cannot inter-change vehicles mid-way since each pick and drop point will require biometric authentication. GPS tracking makes it easier for the backend team to track the vehicle movement. In the wake of recent incidents that highlight fraudulent practices by cab drivers, TrustID's BAM On-The-Go is an extremely competitive and effective solution that arrest possibilities of identity theft.

Similarly, sales employees, research associates and client servicing teams can equally use this feature to mark their attendance at each point of transaction. The application effectively captures each point of transaction. It could be pick-up/drop point for drivers, meeting location for sales staff, servicing location for service staff and survey location for researchers. All details are captured along with geo-location coordinates and start as well as end time. It is fast and saves enormous business hours since it completely replaces manual visit reports in addition to being paperless. The visit histories are carefully recorded for future references.

Organizations tremendously benefit from this web-based application since it is automated and easily accessible. All you need is an internet connection to get started. It significantly eliminates paper usage and therefore risks of errors while tracking attendance on paper. Records are safely and confidentially preserved for future reference. Needless to say, that the application, is high on accuracy and hugely reduces time taken to manage staff attendance promising greatest assurance levels.