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TrustID Aadhaar Authentication Solutions

TrustID – India’s leading mobile based platform to authenticate Aadhaar IDs - demographically, via OTP and via Biometrics. TrustID’s Aadhaar Authentication gives a unique advantage of instantly authenticating Aadhaar within a few seconds, in a fool proof manner.

Aadhaar based authentication is extremely helpful in cases of ID Verification, Customer On-boarding, Vendor engagement and other similar cases where ID Verification plays a crucial role.

TrustID’s authentication services not just reduces paperwork, but also improves the overall level of authenticity when it comes to allocating or selling products or services, that are based on successful ID KYC like issuing Insurance Policies, Telecom Services, etc. Quite a few services in India require residents to prove their identity and address and provide those documents to the agency before availing a service. TrustID reduces the turn-around-time (TAT) thereby eliminating the need for multiple layers of authentication with its unique authentication application.

One of the many success stories of TrustID Aadhaar Authentication Platform is Insurance Sector. TrustID Aadhaar Authentication is an appropriate technology that strengthens the insurance process by limiting fraudulent practices at two levels - agent as well as customer level. While at Customer level, TrustID helps quick real time on-boarding using it’s Aadhaar based authentication solution. This not just makes the process far quicker but also helps avoid misrepresentation of physical KYC documents as well as significantly reduces paperwork. The biometric based Aadhaar Authentication of TrustID also helps to detect fake medical sample submissions by customers. At Agent level, TrustID’s Aadhaar based authentication can help prevent misuse of physical customer KYC documents to be eventually used for subsequent frauds.