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TrustID is India’s first, unique & comprehensive online verification platform.

TrustID provides comprehensive verification services on a single platform including ID based Verification, Criminal Background Verification based on eCourt Records, Social Media Profiling based on Email ID search, Negative News Scans on a name based search and many more useful verification services, which can be easily customized according to size & need of organizations.

TrustID is simplifies all verification requirements of your company in a time saving & cost effective manner. TrustID services are useful in several industries such as HR Recruitments / Staffing, Blue collar hiring, Insurance, Banking and several others which need to verify employees, customers, vendors and others.

TrustID eCourt Records Scan helps you check database of millions of eCourt records of India using Name & Address of any individual. This feature helps you check if the person has any civil or criminal cases against or by him/her in any court across India, and not under a particular area of jurisdiction. This service is specifically useful in cases like recruitment at all levels, including blue collar segment, matrimony, business partnerships, property dealings, etc.

TrustID Social Media Profiling helps you scan the presence across multiple social media platforms using an email ID. The social media channels covered include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Instagram and Pintrest, etc. This feature brings in comfort to the tedious and time taking task of doing a Google search while spending hours on understanding anyone's social media presence. TrustID collates a quick summary report with links to all social media profiles instantly. This is specifically useful in cases of mid & senior level employee recruitment as well as social relationships like matrimony, dating etc.

TrustID Negative News Scan helps you search across a database of leading Indian mainstream newspapers for any negative media coverage against a particular indivdual, using name as a search query. This works far better than a Google News search because it’s got filters on its backend to perform a focused search as against a very generic Google News Search.

TrustID has partnership with some leading & best-in-class Verification agencies to perform Background Verification and Reference Checks.

Company Background

TrustID is promoted by Swabhimaan Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd. ( Swabhimaanya is a 5 year old BotP (bottom of the pyramid) focussed financial enterprise with a reach over 1.5 million customers across 7 states in India. Swabimaanya aims to be the guiding force to ensure customized financial inclusion (such as life insurances etc) and other essential solutions for the segment in the BotP (base of economic pyramid) category.

Mission Statement

TrustID is in the business of assurance and we strive to provide easy to implement, robust and credible solutions for building assurance around your business processes. Our core objective is to minimize risks by providing assurance based on TrustID Verification Solutions within your organization and systems.